PPP’s Sindh Govt wants to shut Darululoom Karachi, Jamia Uloom-e-Islamia Banoori Town, Jamia Haqqania, other top Deobandi Seminaries


By: Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The Sindh Government of Pakistan People’s Party has recommended to place top Deobandi Seminaries across Pakistan, including the one visited by senior party leader, Senator Saeed Ghani, for support during December 2015 local government elections, on watch list, it emerged on Monday.

The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazal’s Sindh leader Qari Muhammad Usman said Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah is “out of his mind” as he is pondering to do “silly things”. “If they want to place our Jamia Uloom-e-Islamia and other top madaris on watch list, happily do it but you will have to face consequences,” the JUI-F leader warned.

Usman said it was impossible to place Jamia Uloom-e-Islamia Binoria Town and other top seminaries on watch list. Syed Murad Ali Shah visited Jamia Uloom-e-Islamia to offer prayers whereas his father had also visited the same seminary to offer special prayers during his regime. “No power can shut the religious seminaries.”

However, Sindh Religious Affairs Advisor Dr. Abdul Qayyum Soomro, refuted that there was any such list for recommending placing these seminaries was under watch. Talking to The Frontier Post, Soomro said none of the Madressahs mentioned by this newspaper is in the list. “I will share the original list tomorrow (today)” he said. He failed to present any list despite lapse of four days.

According to the list available to this scribe, the Sindh Government has proposed to place 94 seminaries, of which 52 are situated in Karachi, 15 in Sukkar, one each in Shahdadpur, Lahore, Multan, Attock, Ahmed Pur Shirkia, Mengora, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Akora Khattak and Rajore whereas two are situated in Balochistan.

Vast majority of these seminaries belong to Deobandi school of thought whereas few belong to Ahle Hadees School of thoughts. No Madressah from Barelvi or Shia sects are included in the list sent to the federal interior ministry for action. The interior minister has already showed displeasure over the list.

Of the prominent seminaries is Jamia Binoria Site, a seminary where senator Ghani had paid visit for election support, Jamia Banoria Town Guru Mandir, Karachi, which is a center of the Deobandi school of thought, Jamia Darul Uloom Korangi, Karachi, a seminary run by Mufti Rafi Usmani and Justice (R) Mufti Taqi Usmani, both sons Mufti-e-Azm Maulana Muhammad Shafi, and Jamia Farooqia Shah Faisal, Karachi.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the provincial government of Sindh believes that the Purana Tableeghi Markaz Mingora Swat, Darul Uloom Momaniya Dera Ismail Khan, Dar Ul Uloom Masoodia Tank, Darul Ul-Uloom Haqqania Akora Khattak and Shah Tauheed Sunnah Pajwar should be placed on watch list. On last Thursday, the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah had accused Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan led federal interior ministry of not cooperating with Sindh government regarding the 94 religious seminaries, which the provincial government had identified for their links with terrorism.

“Our government will never allow terrorists and religious fanatics to keep playing with the lives of innocent people even if the federal government refuses to cooperate, which is evident from the response of Ministry of Interior to 94 seminaries involved in supporting or penetrating terrorism,” CM Sindh said to the Sindh cabinet meeting that he presided over on Thursday, January 19, 2016.

Briefing the cabinet on the response of Ministry of Interior to ban 94 madaris allegedly involved in promoting terrorism, the chief minister said that in the Apex committee the list of the madaris was presented.

The Committee was told that 94 madaris were involved in terrorist activities. “They had presented solid evidences gathered from the terrorists arrested by the Law Enforcement Agencies and they had revealed startling disclosures against the said seminaries. After the interrogation the concerned agencies worked hard to collect solid evidences and on the basis of that information, evidence and recommendation a list of 94 madaris spreading over 46 pages was sent to Ministry of Interior” a handout issued from CM House reads.

“I was quite surprised that when an attempt was made to politicize the issue instead of taking action as recommended by the government,” he said and added “come what may we would go ahead and keep crushing the terrorists wherever they live or nurtured because we are the worst affected people of terrorism. At the hands of terrorists, we have lost our leadership, we have sacrificed the lives of our law enforcement agencies personnel and we have sacrificed our innocent citizens, including the children- enough is enough. It shows how much serious the federal government is to take action against terrorists”.

He told the cabinet that the reply of 46-page letter the Ministry of Interior has sent a three page reply and now “we have sent them reply of their letter and would see and definitely see what action they are going to take and this would ascertain their seriousness to eliminate terrorism from the country,” he said.

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Security agencies point lack of security check for India-bound Thar express


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The Pakistani security agencies, while seeing poor screening of passengers both at Karachi and Khokhrapar railways station for the India-bound ‘Thar express’, have stressed upon the provincial government of PPP to take extra-ordinary measures for thwarting possible infiltration or act of terrorism from either sides of the border.

Hindu extremists while waiving false flags to put the blame on Muslim group had attacked on Feb 18, 2007 two carriages of Samjhauta Express as it travelled past Panipat towards Amritsar on way to Pakistani border.

The services remained suspended for long till the new arrangement was made according to which ‘Thar Express’ a Pakistani train departs from Karachi to Zero Point, Pakistani side of Khokrapar Railway station and Indian train also comes to Munabao Railway Station on weekly basis.


Only one train crosses the International border to fetch the passengers for the duration of six months on reciprocal basis, officials say.

Presently, it is the ‘Thar Express’ which is going to the Indian railway station ‘Munabao’ with effect from 6th September 2014 and will continue till Indian train takes over the turn in last week of February next year to come to Pakistani railway stations Khokrapar for fetching passengers. Since, it is the turn of Pakistani train to cross the border and entre India to patch the passenger, any checking lapse may lead to infiltration of unwanted elements from either side of the border to another country.

A letter sent by the security agencies to Sindh Government and its relevant departments state that the luggage of passengers travelling to India is not being checked as scanner machine installed at Karachi Railway Station’s platform number-7 for ‘Thar Express’ is out of order for last 9 months.

“Railway police lady searcher is available but is not carrying out thorough search and clearance of female passengers” sources said, adding Railway police duty staff is also not in possession of metal detectors for spot checking and scanning of luggage. Therefore, only customary manual checking of luggage and personnel is carried out which is not of required standard, source added.

Insufficient strength of railway police is employed at railway station with subject train.
At Zero point no scanning machine is available for checking and only manual checking is carried out. No walk through gate is installed at Zero point railway station and no female Police staff available for checking of female passengers. Railway police duty staff is also not in possession of metal detectors for spot checking and scanning of luggage, a letter sent to Sindh Government on 15 December states.

In order to avert any untoward incident the authorities have been directed to replace scanning machine at Karachi and Zero Point railway stations and provide metal detectors to security staff deputed at both railway stations for spot checking and clearances.

Railway police’s lady searcher should be trained to ensure thorough checking and inspection of all female passengers whereas Railway police lady searcher at

Zero Point railway station should employed for smooth clearances.

The authorities have also been instructed to install walk through gates at both railway stations besides increasing railway police strength.

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Creative ideas of Sharjeel to plunder taxpayer money

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inaam Memon (File Photo)
Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inaam Memon (File Photo)

This news was published here on 26 Sep 2013. The office remains there and the contract being renewed, which means plundering taxpayers’ money by Sindh Information Minister, who is also central deputy secretary information of PPP, is incessant. I’m reproducing her for those who visit my blog for informative stories.  Though, it is not massive corruption but it does reflect how much creative are the Sindh ministers viz a viz corruption.


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inaam Memon, who has been badly failed to project the positive works done by PPP’s Sindh government, has used his brain otherwise and to plunder the taxpayers’ money, it has been reliably learnt.

The Sindh Information Department (SID) has been publishing good quality two monthly magazines of 60-page each, namely “Izhar” (Urdu) and “Pegham” (Sindhi) since 1970s but the Sindh Information Minister during the last months of previous PPP’s provincial government launched 28-page weekly magazine “Sindh Manzar”, apparently in order to plunder yet through another mean the taxpayers’ money, which is supposed to be spent on their welfare, sources in Sindh Information Department told this correspondent.

The Bungalow in affluent Clifton which is being acquired on rent for a 26-page magazine
The Bungalow in affluent Clifton which is being acquired on rent for a 26-page magazine

Whereas the staff of two magazines is conveniently being stationed in the magazine rooms inside the office of Sindh Director Publication, Yasmeen Memon, the idea was floated to acquire on rent a double-story bungalow in upper class Clifton neighborhood for starting a below average magazine which could have been published with facilities already at the disposal of Sindh Information Department.

If it was not enough the Minister got approved rent almost on double amount and paid in millions as security deposit from the public exchequer to the owner through an estate agency allegedly owned by a PPP leader, sources privy to the deal told.

Sources in the SID told that unlike the old magazines all payments including the house rents and utility bills were paid by the Sindh Finance Department directly on the directions from influential minister who is close to Sharjeel Memon, the Sindh Information Minister.

The sources further told that though Director Publication, Yasmeen Memon was incharge of all publications, she had least say in the affairs of Sindh Manzar which is controlled from “elsewhere”. When this scribe visited her office for acquiring her version, Yaseem Memon had left the office while phone contacts also yielded no results.

When this correspondent showed the Bungalow to a well-known estate agent of the affluent locality he told on the condition of anonymity that the rent for house may be at least half of the rent paid to the owner. He further told that when the rent increases the amount of security deposit also automatically increases, putting the load of millions of Rupees on the public exchequer being run on loans from foreign banks and monitory institutions.

It is also relevant to mention that different quarters have been alleging the Sindh Information Ministry of large scale corruption. Last year the PML-N leader, Syed Nihal Hashmi had accused that Sharjeel Inam Memon was actively involved in corruption in his department.

“The Sindh Information Department has a budget of Rs. 40 crore for electronic media but during the last one year it has released one billion rupees to different TV channels,” maintained Hashmi and asked from where was such a hefty amount released and how much commission was being taken?

The PML-N leader had also asked the NAB to expand its investigation to the Sindh Information Department and interrogate high officials of the department including Sindh Information Minister who, he blamed, was directly involved in corruption.

To get the version of Sindh Information Department, The Frontier Post made several attempts to contact secretary information Aijaz Memon but he did not respond. A message was sent on his cell phone but he avoided commenting on the news.

Hospital owned by Zardari’s aide gets Rs500m grant


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: As the government hospitals across the Sindh province are in worst conditions due to scarcity of funds the health department of Government of Sindh is going to give Rs500milion to a private hospital of Karachi as a grant, it was reliably learnt here on Tuesday.

Credible sources in the Health Department told this scribe that while ignoring the government hospitals of the province, the Sindh Government of Pakistan People’s Party is going to give a health grant of Rs 500 millions to a private hospital situated in North Nazimabad neighborhood of the city.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the PPP chairman, had pointed towards the worst condition of Sindh health department and cited it as a bad instance of MQM’s governance which has mostly run this department.

However, sources said the preparations are making to give this huge amount to totally private health facility with no social services wing or community services department because of the owner’s association with the ruling party.

The hospital, which is owned by a former federal cabinet member, has two branches where treatment charges are high. When contacted Special Secretary Health Dr Khalid Sheikh said he had no such move into his knowledge. However, Secretary Iqbal Hussain Durrani confirmed that an application had been received for the grant by Chief Minister Secretariat but no summary has been raised in this regards yet.

The health minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed, who along with his party fellows in the provincial cabinet has sent his resignation to Governor House due to a row between his party MQM and the ruling PPP is totally unaware of any such development.

This paper had unveiled a scandal of housing high influential under trial inmates facing corruption charges and those convicted in corruption case by the Clifton branch of the same hospital. According to a REPORT published in this newspaper, a whole floor has been reserved for those who despite plundering the national wealth can enjoy the luxuries of comfortable rooms of the same health facility by producing fake illness certificates.

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