Al Qaeda subcontinent branch directed from Afghanistan

By: Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Central Command of the Al Qaeda Indian Sub-Continent is stationed in Baramcha area of Afghanistan, from where it is directing the network, carrying out terrorist activities inside Pakistan and Bangladesh, it emerged on Wednesday.

“Bengali militants of the same AQIS group, which is behind lawlessness in the city of Karachi, have killed Bangladeshi blogger,” sources told.

Nazimuddin Samad, a Bangladeshi blogger, was hacked with machetes and shot by motorcycle-riding assailants on his way back from class at Jagannath University in Dhaka earlier this month.

He was on a hit list of 84 atheist bloggers that group had compiled and sent to Bangladesh’s Interior Ministry, according to media reports.

The police in Karachi, however, say they had obtained evidences of the group’s terrorist activities inside Pakistani only. However, sources said that Baramcha based command was also directing local militants in Bangladesh.

In Karachi, Officer In-charge Counter Terrorism Department Raja Umar Khattab says, the group has carried out 26 terrorist activities from 2013 to 2014 alone and it was behind the recent attacks on police and Rangers check-posts in the city.

Addressing a news conference here at CTD’s civil lines office on Wednesday Khattab said a terrorist nabbed during encounter on Tuesday night has revealed that Zarar aka Naseem Bhai aka Hanif Bhai aka Ayub Bhai – a former terrorist of the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Al-alami, Karachi who was released from prison – has formed that special group, which has created situation of lawlessness in the city.

“Most of Karachi terror, including recent attacks on law enforcement agencies, is carried out by local youths led by former The Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Al-alami leader”, he said.

According to Khattab, the arrested terrorist, Muhammad Murtaza aka Benam aka Abu Huraira, has told counter terrorism police that Central Command of Al Qaeda Indian Sub-Continent was stationed in Bramcha area of Afghanistan.

“Since the border has been tightened, the group is using USBs and mobile memory cards for conveying messages to terrorists present in Karachi and other parts of the country,” the official said.

“Bengali militants of the same AQIS group, which is behind lawlessness in the city of Karachi, have killed Bangladeshi blogger,”

The CTD conducted a raid at a hideout of the terrorists in Bhambhro Burfat Goth in Gadap Town of the city and as police rounded up the area they started firing. “The better strategy of police left two terrorists, named Abdul Saboor aka Hamad aka Hasan Aka Saad and Muhammad Mujtaba aka Rehan aka Aslam aka Kashif aka Wali aka Abdul Rehman dead whereas Muhammad Murtaza was arrested,” Khattab told.

The terrorists, police said, had setup a bomb manufacturing factory in an empty water tank inside the house.

Police have recovered 80 Kg explosive, circuits, ball bearings, bottle bombs, ball bombs, bomb manufacturing material, laptop, memory cards, USBs, target list, one motorcycle filled with explosive, two Ak47, one 9mm pistol and Jihadi literature from the spot.

The arrested terrorist has made startling revelations that youths, called ‘Dawati Sathi’, associated with Harkatul Muhajideen would run the network in Shadman Town, North Karachi, Surjani, Orangi and Korangi towns of the city. The group would brainwash the youth who would remain associated with any Jihadi group.

To a question Khattab said that three different groups of Al Qaeda, attracting manpower from different classes, were active in the city. “One group from affluent neighborhoods is brainwashing youths, the second group – the one busted on Wednesday – carries out bomb attacks whereas a third group, compromised of Burmese, Bengalis and other locals militants from local class, are carrying out targeted attacks,” he elaborated.

To another Question, senior interrogator said, there was no presence of Daish – also called Islamic State – though there were militants inspired from the Middle Eastern terror group. “May be some militants are inspired but there is no evidence of presence of Daish network anywhere on Pakistani soil,” Khattab said.

Published in The Frontier Post


Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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