Brother of senior police officer involved in Safoora carnage

Logo: This is the second high profile involvement by people related to Sindh Police in any act of terrorism
File Logo: This is the second high profile involvement by a person related to Sindh Police in any act of terrorism

Naimat Khan
KARACHI: Brother of a senior officer of the Sindh police has been involved in the Safoora Bus attack that had left 45, including women, dead, it was reliably learnt on Monday.

According to sources the name of Zaheer Shaikh, who is the elder brother of a senior superintendent level officer of the Sindh police, was disclosed by Sheeba Ahmed, the alleged financier of Al- Qaeda Indian Sub-Continent arrested last month.

Sheeba Ahmed had disclosed the name of Hafiz Nasir, Hafiz Umar, Azhar , Ali Rehman and Zaheer Shaikh, a senior official associated with high profile case told this scribe on the condition of anonymity. Two of them, he said, have already been arrested by Sindh Police.

According to sources the brother of Zaheer Shaikh, who is still at large, was previously posted in Karachi.

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This is the second high level involvement of a family member of a senior police officer in any case of high profile terrorism. Previously, the Son of SSP Ali Sher Jhakrani, Awais Jhakrani, was found involved in the Navy Dockyard attack.

According to sources the disclosures have been made by Sheeba Ahmed, the financier of Al-Qaeda in the Indian Sub-Continent, who had also confessed to his association with Tanzeem-e-Islami, a party founded by Dr Israr Ahmed.
Addressing news conference SSP Naveed Khawaja had said last month that the suspect was resident of an affluent neighborhood and was running business of chemical in Pakistan and the neighbor Islamic countries.
He said that Sheeba is financing the terrorists with the money he earn from his business abroad. “Sheeba Ahmed not only prepared Safoora attackers mentally but also extended complete financial support to them to execute the Ismaili community carnage”, CTD official claimed.

A suspect, namely Hasan Zaheer, arrested from Lahore had also disclosed that Sheeba Ahmed had treated the terrorists injured in Lahore in a local hospital of the city there Khawaja informed.

The case of Safoora has brought to fore the involvement of affluent segments of the society in acts of terrorism and the involvement of Zaheer Shaikh is one of the startling ones. By now a businessman, IBA graduate and family member of senior police officials have been alleged to be involved in one of the worst terrorism against Ismaili religious minority.

Previously, Colonel level officer of Pakistan Army – Ali Khan – was court martial for his association with Hizb-ut-Tehreer, which has been enlisted as outlawed by the Government of Pakistan.

An edited version of this story was published in The Frontier Post 


Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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