Sudden hike to Iranian’s arrival in Karachi worries agencies 


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: A sudden hike to the Iranian’s entry into the port city of Karachi has been witnessed during the last couple of weeks, especially after the start of Yemen-Saudi conflict,

The Frontier Post has reliability learnt. Iranian nationals coming to the seaside metropolis have been found in suspicious activities, the intelligence agencies reveal in a letter sent to the Sindh government.

The Pakistani spy agencies have warned the provincial government of Pakistan People’s Party of sudden raise to the entry of Iranian nationals, an officer of the Sindh department told while demanding complete anonymity. A letter received by the Sindh Home department has advised the authorities to have a strict eye over the residences and hotels where Iranian nationals are staying.

The spy agencies have also observed that upto 700 Iranian nationals are visiting Pakistan on business visas but they don’t return on their schedule time. In mid of February this year a letter to the Sindh Home department had disclose the failure of police authorities to keep the record of foreigners’ arrival in Karachi.

According to report published in this newspaper, majority of the foreigners, including Afghan, Burmi and Iranian nationals, go untraced after their arrival into Karachi.

According to sources the Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) provincial government had been taking necessary steps at the entry points of Sindh, but the airport, being a potential entry point for the terrorists and their financers, has totally being ignored from where not only Afghanis but nationals of other countries also entre into the restive metropolis.

“Once they are entered into the troubled Pakistani port city no one knows as where they went and what are they doing” told a senior police officer while demanding complete anonymity.

Even there is no clue whether they remain in the city’s boundaries or move illegally to Balochistan and cities of other provinces due to lack of monitoring and proper report systems, sources said.

According to details, the majority of foreign nationals who are visiting Karachi don’t report for their arrival in Foreigners Registration Section (FRS) of Special Branch in Karachi, which keeps an eye over their movement. Intelligence sources said at the time of arrival at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, they mention name of hotel of stay at FIA/Investigations Counter, but they don’t arrive at hotels and manage their stay at various places of the city.

“Some of them who stay at hotels upon their checkout don’t leave for airport but manage their extended stay in various parts of the city” sources inform.

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Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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