Indians get ‘green passports’ as Pakistanis hang from ‘family tree’

Pakistani passport
Pakistani passport

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: While the countrymen missing ‘family tree’ are deprived of the Pakistani passports, probe into a case has revealed that hundreds of foreigners, mostly Indian, Afghani and Bangladeshi nationals, in connivance with special branch, Nadra and passport officials have been acquiring green passport for the years.

On last Friday the Federal Investigation Agency’s Anti Human Trafficking Cell (AHTC) in Karachi on tip off nabbed nine Indian nationals of a family, who had been living in the Karimabad neighborhood of the portside city and travelling between India and Pakistan on green passports for the last two and half decades.

Though the family was found involved in no criminal activities, the way they got Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and green passports through officials compromising national interest for the sake of money, hints at a huge flaw in the system being taken over by agents with covert support of the officers, told a source in the federal agency.

Pakistani intelligence agencies have found hard evidences that India has big hand in the worsening law and order situation in Karachi and troubled Balochistan province. “The family is guilty of illegal stay in Pakistan only but there must be hundreds of those spying for their countries during stay on Pakistani passports” the official fears.

The painless course through which the Indian family has gotten Pakistani identity endorses which the official opined.

“In 1990 I arrived in Karachi through Wagah border on a three-month visit visa after which I married Samina, daughter of my Pakistani uncle” recalls Ayub, a Pesh Imam in Jamia Masjid of the Karimabad’s Meena Bazaar and one of the arrested Indian nationals in an exclusive chat with The Frontier Post.

Three months later his brother Haroon (late) along with his Indian wife joined him in Karimabad house of his uncle. Muhammad Jumma was third one of the four Indian brothers who reached Karachi in the coming days.

For the next three years they were living in the seaside metropolis despite the legal term of their stay had passed by. “One day in 1993 my uncle took our Indian passports, burnt them and then took us to an agent who made our Pakistani National Identity Cards (NIC) and passports on which we visited India several times” he told this scribe.

According to Saleem Ahmed Faridi, an Inspector of the AHTC in FIA, the family consists of thirteen members however nine have been arrested under the foreign act as the remaining, mostly their daughters, were born in Karachi and have now tied the knot with Pakistani men.

The FIA officer said there were high chances that many foreigners including Indian are living in the city by acquiring green passports through agents in connivance with officers. He said FIA will soon unearth the network involved in provision of illegal CNICs and Passports. He agreed that the family members who had gotten green passports might have escaped the arrest but it was their fourth brother, Muhammad Zakria, whose efforts for getting Pakistani passport landed the whole family in FIA lockup. Zakria was the last one who reached Pakistan in 2007, some seventeen years after his elder brother Muhammad Ayub reached here.

The Indian nationals booked under 3(2), 13/14 foreign act 1946 on 20th March 2015 were reminded in FIA circle custody for three days on Saturday.

According to FIR, on reports that Indian Nationals were illegally living in Pakistan since 1990 with their families in flat number 1 and 3 of Al-Rafiq Chambers building at FB area Karimabad Karachi, FIA team conducted raid and arrested Muhammad Jumma S/o Muhammad Ismail, Ms Haseena w/o Muhammad Jumma, Muhammad Suleman s/o Muhammad Jumma, Farida Bano w/o Muhammad Haroon (late), Muhammad Nadeem s/o Muhammad Haroon, Amir S/o Muhammad Haroon, Muhammad Ayub s/o Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Zakria s/o Muhammad Ismail and Rizwana w/o Muhammad Zakria when they failed to their pre-90 Pakistani identity.
Upon questioning the accused disclosed that they were Indian nationals and have come to Pakistan on different occasions, the FIR states.

During interrogation the FIA found that the accused were by birth Indian nationals and belonged to Kolichora Chowk, Qazi Sehri near Masjid Qazia, Junagarh, Gurjrat India.

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Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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