LAEs clueless as Nadra fails to identify finger of Shikarpur Imambargah’s bomber


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has failed to identify the finger of alleged suicide bomber of Shikarpur blast, sources said.

The federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, while speaking in the lower house of the parliament on last Friday, had claimed to have identified the suicide bomber and mastermind to a ‘’great extent’’.

But highly credible sources said the Mr Khan claims were based on whims and the development may be a setback for the law enforcers to reach to the killers and mastermind.

Well-placed sources in the authority told that the finger, one of the main sources of identification, could not be identified. However, some of the investigators claim other identification clues, including DNA, may yield any results.

On the contrary a high official in the provincial capital was cynical of any outcome of the remaining clues, when shared the information regarding the status of identification of finger of the alleged suicide bomber.

Around 62 people were killed when powerful bomb went off in the crowded imambargah near Lakhidar Chowk during Friday prayers in the last week of January.

The second big terrorist attack, after the Peshawar’s army public school carnage, shocked the nation as there were no prior intelligence reports of the attack.

Fahad Marwat, a spokesperson of the Jundullah accepted responsibility of the blast which the CID of Karachi police rejected.

According to a report quoting CID officer Raja Umar Khittab around four earlier claims of the terrorist outfit, including that of the Waga border blast, turned out to be false, decreasing the creditability of claims of responsibility by Jundullah.

Besides, the outfit had no network outside Karachi where the terrorist organization has carried out attacks, said Khittab while talking to a news outlet.

The CID officer had also hinted the involvement of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which has not only countrywide network, but had safe access to Shikarpur from its stronghold Quetta, may be involved in the terrorist attack on Imambargah.

The edited version of this story was published here


Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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