‘Terrorists may resort to using MAIEDs for attacks in Pakistan’


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Counter terrorism experts believe that the militants being hit hard by the armed forces, who have broken their backbone by seizing huge files of their arms, would resort to ‘easy in use’ technology, MAIED – Magnetically Attached Improvised Explosive Device to carry out their terrorists activities.

The Pakistan’s Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have seized huge file of arms and put a halt to their supply line, which can force the militants to use magnetically attached improved explosive devices (MAIEDs) for terrorist attacks and assassinations in near, told a counter terrorism expert.

Highly credible sources have informed that the law enforcement agencies operating across Pakistan have been warned by the interior ministry to keep this aspect of militants’ likely strategy for carrying out attacks.

“In order to make smaller, lighter and more efficient LEDs, terrorists are using magnetically attached improved explosive devices (MAIEDs) for attacks and assassinations, being essay to attach and conceal”, a letter sent to all four provincial home departments and police officials across the country reads. According to counter terrorism authority, these MAIEDS have been used by Taliban in the past and still being used by various militant groups operating from Afghanistan.

Magnets of computers hard drives are being used in these (MAIEDs) which are light in weight yet very powerful and can hold weight from 0.4 to 1 kilogram, sources said, adding to enhance the load carrying capacity, more than 1 magnet is being used for one MAIED.

Sources said that since militants explore different methods to conceal them, such as in Turbans, Sandals and Underwear/undergarments, it would be hard to deduct them except through modern metal detectors and other equipment which are hardly available with many law enforcers.

When contacted the head of Anti Terrorism Wing of Karachi police SSP Raja Umar Khittab, who has been handling the terrorism related cases for over decade now, said the technology has been used in around six acts of terrorism in Karachi till now.

He said in January last year, the devices used in MAIEDs, had been recovered during a raid in Korangi area of the city but since then it has not been used. When asked whether the militants can resort to this technology due effective operation against them during which their arms have almost ended, he said there are most chances that militants start using the technology.

He said in 2014 the device was used by a militant, named Kamran, associated with Harkatul Mujahideen Al Almi. The device was attached to the car of KESC officer, two oil containers and Car of navy officers which had left him and his wife hurt.

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Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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