Snatching mounts as police join hands with car lifters


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The crime of snatching has climbed up manifold with decreasing recovery ratio despite the establishment a dedicated department, figures released by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and insiders reveal. According to highly credible sources in Sindh police department officials of Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) of Karachi police, instead of bringing the culprits to book, have joined hands with car lifters and department of the excise police for minting money.

A high rank officer on the condition of anonymity told this scribe that instead of handing over the recovered cars, corrupt officers of the ACLC and excise police have started selling them to the insurance companies.

In order to control the menace and bring the culprits to book a dedicated department with name of Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) was setup which in the beginning performed well but the figures released by CPLC shows that the department has completely failed in controlling the car lifting menace.

“When one digs the issue and try to know the causes, the corrupt officers appear culprits who have turned the cell into a money making machine” sources in the ACLC told.

According to details over 3000 dwellers of Karachi have been deprived of their cars in the ongoing year 2014 whereas only 800 cars of them have been recovered and those also with many of valuable parts disappeared, the CPCL states. According to the figures most of the cars had been snatched in the remits of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Site, Shahra-e-faisal, Firozabad and Freddy police stations.

According to sources, most of the 800 cars were deserted by the car lifters themselves as the cars had been turned into Skeletons with most parts sold of the car lifters. But the “efficient” ACLC officer made them part of their performance, sources added.

Sources said that during the same year 17133 motorcycles have also been snatched of the Karachiites whereas according to the record of ACLC only 1750 could have been recovered, major chunk of which was also left by the lifters themselves after selling the parts.

According to sources the officers of ACLC and Excise police changes the Chassis numbers and then sell the cars to the insurance companies. Despite several attempts no one in ACLC was available for the comments.

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Pakistan kicks off massive operation against 1200 militants, terrorists across Sindh


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The Sindh Government has directed provincial Police to kick off massive crackdown against militants, terrorists belonging to different proscribed organizations, which, the sources said, will be carried out with assistance and close coordination of the paramilitary forces. The list of 1200 militants, terrorists and members of the proscribed organizations received from federal interior ministry by the provincial government has been forwarded to Deputy Inspector General (DIGs) of police with instructions to rigorously start the chase after them, an officer in the Sindh Home Department told.

Sources informed those in the list include members of Al-Qaeda, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jundullah, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sepah-e-Sahaba Pakistan.

Sources said though the operation would be carried out in each town and city of the province, Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Jamshor, Thatha, Badin, Tando Allahyar, and Tando Muhammad Khan would be given special focus where major chunk of the 18 million affectees of the Zarb-i-Azb operation has been settled.

Sources said in total contradiction with the claims by provincial government to have screened the entry of each and every Internally Displaced Person (IDP), the authorities in Sindh now believe that many of the militants have also infiltrated under the shelter of the affectees.

In this connection a letter was dispatched to the office of Inspector General Police Sindh and all deputy inspectors general of Police in Sindh on Monday, 29th Dec, 2014 with clear directions to start a massive search operation in order to unearth terrorists’ hideouts.

Earlier, the ministry of interior in the capital in a letter dated 21st December 2014 had instructed provincial government that district police’s SSP must be tasked to remain very vigilant in the areas and localities which could possibly be potential hideouts.

According to letter, a copy of which is also available with this daily, the Senior Superintendents of the Sindh Police have also been tasked to “identify the terrorists on account of the ongoing war against terror which has led to a lot of disruption among the terrorists groups”.

“It is important not to let them find a place of refugee from where they can plan a resumption of terrorist activities” the police officers have been instructed.


They are also made bound to report the progress regarding search operations and success, if any, on daily basis to Sindh home department for onward transmission to the office of National Coordinator, National Counter terrorism authority, minister of interior, sources said.

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Security agencies point lack of security check for India-bound Thar express


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The Pakistani security agencies, while seeing poor screening of passengers both at Karachi and Khokhrapar railways station for the India-bound ‘Thar express’, have stressed upon the provincial government of PPP to take extra-ordinary measures for thwarting possible infiltration or act of terrorism from either sides of the border.

Hindu extremists while waiving false flags to put the blame on Muslim group had attacked on Feb 18, 2007 two carriages of Samjhauta Express as it travelled past Panipat towards Amritsar on way to Pakistani border.

The services remained suspended for long till the new arrangement was made according to which ‘Thar Express’ a Pakistani train departs from Karachi to Zero Point, Pakistani side of Khokrapar Railway station and Indian train also comes to Munabao Railway Station on weekly basis.


Only one train crosses the International border to fetch the passengers for the duration of six months on reciprocal basis, officials say.

Presently, it is the ‘Thar Express’ which is going to the Indian railway station ‘Munabao’ with effect from 6th September 2014 and will continue till Indian train takes over the turn in last week of February next year to come to Pakistani railway stations Khokrapar for fetching passengers. Since, it is the turn of Pakistani train to cross the border and entre India to patch the passenger, any checking lapse may lead to infiltration of unwanted elements from either side of the border to another country.

A letter sent by the security agencies to Sindh Government and its relevant departments state that the luggage of passengers travelling to India is not being checked as scanner machine installed at Karachi Railway Station’s platform number-7 for ‘Thar Express’ is out of order for last 9 months.

“Railway police lady searcher is available but is not carrying out thorough search and clearance of female passengers” sources said, adding Railway police duty staff is also not in possession of metal detectors for spot checking and scanning of luggage. Therefore, only customary manual checking of luggage and personnel is carried out which is not of required standard, source added.

Insufficient strength of railway police is employed at railway station with subject train.
At Zero point no scanning machine is available for checking and only manual checking is carried out. No walk through gate is installed at Zero point railway station and no female Police staff available for checking of female passengers. Railway police duty staff is also not in possession of metal detectors for spot checking and scanning of luggage, a letter sent to Sindh Government on 15 December states.

In order to avert any untoward incident the authorities have been directed to replace scanning machine at Karachi and Zero Point railway stations and provide metal detectors to security staff deputed at both railway stations for spot checking and clearances.

Railway police’s lady searcher should be trained to ensure thorough checking and inspection of all female passengers whereas Railway police lady searcher at

Zero Point railway station should employed for smooth clearances.

The authorities have also been instructed to install walk through gates at both railway stations besides increasing railway police strength.

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Terrorist attacks on Cadet colleges feared due to weak security

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KARACHI: Security of the Cadet Colleges and army’s educational institutions across Sindh province has been beefed up after the security agencies expressed dissatisfaction over the security arrangements there in view of the Peshawar Army School terrorist attack that left 147, including 134 children dead, well-placed sources said.

Highly credible sources told that the country’s top security agencies in a letter dated 18 December 2014 had warned the district administrations of Sukkar and Larkana to tightened the security of Cadet colleges which are vulnerable to terrorists attacks.

“The cadet colleges, owing to their names, army like uniform and institutional culture are generally taken as military institution, thus are equally vulnerable to prevailing terrorist threats” the commissioners of both divisions have been warned in letter.

The letter has clarified that ‘essentially’ it was responsibility of the district administration to provide ample security to these educational institutions.

“Existing integral security mechanism of cadet colleges comprises civil guards with insufficient training and arms whereas these colleges are located at isolated places and are more vulnerable targets for any terrorist activity” the Sindh Home office and concerned commissioners have been warned and instructed to request for the provision of police protection and section strength of Sindh Rangers for each of the three credit colleges.

Sources in Sindh home department told this scribe that the letter received on Thursday has been taken seriously and emergency measures have been taken to avert the Peshawar like tragedies.

Meantime, sources told that the security of army and navy schools and colleges have also been improved despite a better security system already in place.

It is pertinent to mention that Peshawar terrorist attack on Army Public School has not only resulted in great human loss but has also brought the national institutions closer. Both civil and military leaderships have jointly showed the resolve to eliminate the terrorists from Pakistani soil.

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