Officials in LEAs have sectarian affiliations, report reveals

1918429991Naimat Khan

KARACHI: There are officials of the Law Enforcement Agencies who have sectarian leanings and affiliations, this startling and shocking revelation has been made in a report of Pakistani intelligence agencies, which have advised provinces not to post such officials on duty for security of the Moharram processions.

NACTA Letter“

“The officials of LEAs with visible sectarian leanings and affiliations may not be deputed for Moharram duties”” reads a NACTA letter to the provinces which also suggests several measures for ensuring peaceful culmination of the Moharram processions.

The authority in its letter dated 22 October 2014 has also expressed its fears of a clash in Pindi on 10th Moharram, instructing that to avoid such clashes religious seminaries in the capital’’s sister city, Karachi and other sensitive parts of the country should be closed from 5th to till 10 Moharram.

“Special security measures may be taken in and around Rawalpindi, particularly at Jamia Taleem-ul-Quran, Raja Bazaar in view of the likely observance of the anniversary of the killings in 2013 on 10th”, it stated.

The provincial homes offices have been advised to ensure strict security and proper sweeping of procession routes besides removing provocative wall chalking. A complete ban over the use of loudspeaker and ban over provocative speeches have also been advised.

Besides, the administrations of procession have also been advised to culminate the processions before 4pm in the daylight. Deputing police on rooftops, ensuring ban on pillion riding and installations of CCTV cameras in sensitive areas are also among the recommendations. The PEMRA has also been asked to ensure balanced reporting of the Moharram events by the news channel.

Meantime, the Sindh Home Secretary Dr Niaz Ali Abbas Friday expressed fears of terrorist attacks on Moharram processions in Karachi, which he said may be carried out through water tankers, oil tankers, ambulances and DCNG vans of Media.

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Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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