Cop claiming Zardari & Nawaz’s blessing becomes billionaire

DIG Zafar Abbas file photo. The high ranking officer claims no one can touch him because of his strong relations with PM Nawaz and former president Asif Ali Zardari
DIG Zafar Abbas file photo. The high ranking officer claims no one can touch him because of his strong relations with PM Nawaz and former president Asif Ali Zardari

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The country’’s corruption watchdog is probing into serious corruption allegations against a high rank Karachi police official, who claims to enjoy close relations with both incumbent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former President Asif Ali Zardari, highly credible sources said.
Sources said the corruption allegations against DIG Zafar Abbas Bukhari have been leveled by a Karachi range PC Muhammad Sufiyan who also claims Bukhari was leading the corrupt chain, comprised of corrupt police officers, minting billions of rupees from the lawless metropolis.

DIG Zafar Abbas Bukhari, who had been DIG establishment with additional charge of DIG Crime Investigation Department, was relieved of these posts just four days ago. Sources said a probable NAB inquiry is the major cause of relieving him of the vital responsibilities in police force.

“The Sindh Police is stinking because of corruption sponsored and patronized by group of senior officers led by Zafar Bukhari, who has organized big network of bribe collection, by employing private men and police men who collect Bhatta from drug peddlers, gambling dens and prostitutes” stated a letter to NAB Islamabad and NAB Sindh which has become a base for the probe, sources said.

According to sources Bukhari, who belonged to very poor family prior his joining police services, has become billionaire with properties in Dubai, UK and across the country. “He has amassed wealth beyond proportion and comprehension” said a police official, adding the departments like accounts Branch, Finance Branch and License Branch, managed by Bukhari proved ‘milk given buffalo’ for the official.

Bukhari is being alleged of collecting monthly beat from more than six positions amounting to several crore rupees per month. He is also accused of maintaining bank accounts in foreign countries in UK, UAE and Switzerland. Bukhari is transferring money through Hawala System to his family who has been living in Dubai and UK, said sources.

“He has got several businesses in Dubai which are being looked after by his wife and the businesses include super market and parlor with the name of Mahrose with 7 branches in Dubai and other countries” stated the letter submitted with NAB Islamabad headquarters and Karachi’s regional office, further informing Bukhari has also bought a huge flat at River Bridge in London at the cost of 2.1 million UK pounds.

Bukhari is also being alleged of making investment to acquire running businesses in London and its surrounding areas for which, according to sources, he has assigned this task to a real estate agent named “right-move” based in London.

In Karachi, Mr. Bukhari is real estate investor with builders and is owner of 17 plots out of which 3 are very costly in the commercial area of DHA. “He has opened livestock farms in cattle colony in the jurisdiction of Police Station Sukhan, where all the transport of police and CID Department can be seen parked bringing food for buffaloes and taking away milk to the market”.

He is also being alleged of using police resources for the milk business, which include the human resource, recruited and trained for fighting terrorists.

The cattle farm, he owns, is spread over 10 acres, which is one of the several pieces of land which Zafar encroached and acquired when he was DIG East Karachi, claimed a police officer while demanding complete anonymity. “Presently there are 1138 buffaloes generating milk of millions of rupees per day, he added.

To include Bukhari’s version in the story several contacts were made but his number was unreachable.

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Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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