Pakistan asks Provinces to monitor fundraising, media coverage of JuD, FIF

File Photo of the JuD chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed
File Photo of the JuD chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The government of Pakistan has asked all four provinces to closely monitor the fund raising activities and media coverage of Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) and its relief wing Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF), highly reliable sources told The Frontier Post here on Friday.

According to details these directives have been issued by Islamabad after the proposal by foreign ministry to have a close eye over and control JUD and its activities was approved by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif, who wishes friendly relations with India.

Well informed sources said the federal national counter terrorism authority wrote a memo to the chief and home secretaries of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces on 11 September 2014, in which they were being asked to monitor the JuD and Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation’s fundraising activities and its coverage on electronic and print media.

They have been asked to monitor the organization and subsequently control it while keeping in view the country’s new controversial anti terror law, the Protection of Pakistan Act (PPA) 2014 and submit monthly report on the subject.

According to reports the Indian permanent representative to the UN wrote a letter to the Chair of the 1989 (Al-Qaida) Sanctions Committee on 17 of July 2014 wherein the chair was requested to take action in order to ensure strict compliance of the provisions of the UN sanction regime. The Indian mission with its application also provided the clippings of statements of Hafiz Saeed and news of FIF relief activities which it has carried out for the flood affectees of Balochistan.

The documentary proofs provided by Indian permanent mission also contain a CD of the interview of JuD’s Chief Hafiz Saeed to private news channel, wherein he had mentioned the human contribution his organization to the Kashmir cause. According to the ministry of foreign affairs Hafiz Saeed in the TV program, named Aik Din Geo Kay Saath, allegedly claimed that over 6 to 7 thousands LeT militants had been killed in Kashmir.

Sources said when pressure was put on Pakistan through the UN, the Pakistan’s foreign ministry’s UN section prepared proposal for having a check over the activities of JuD, its chief, Hafiz Saeed and sister organization, working for the relief in flood affected areas of Balochistan, Kashmir and other parts of the country.

Meantime, the ministry of foreign affairs also wrote to Interior Minister, Intelligence Bureau and Inter Services Intelligence but no response was received, sources said. In spite of receiving no response from the important institutions, the foreign ministry proceeded with its proposal, later approved by PM Nawaz, sources said while demanding complete anonymity.

Nevertheless, India’s basic intention of highlighting this issue, primarily based upon the statement given to media by Hafiz Saeed himself, was meant to convey to the Security Council committee that assets ban against JuD was not being implemented, the ministry maintained.

The foreign ministry held that due to the importance of the matter, it was incumbent upon the Government to control the activities of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) that may constitute violation of the 1267 sanctions regime.

Sources said the matter was submitted to the Prime Minister, who happily approved the proposal that the ministry of interior and ministry of information & broadcasting may, in consultation with the provincial governments, monitor the JuD’s fundraising activities and its coverage on electronic and print media keeping in view the PPA 2014, the country’s strict anti terror laws recently approved.

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Cop claiming Zardari & Nawaz’s blessing becomes billionaire

DIG Zafar Abbas file photo. The high ranking officer claims no one can touch him because of his strong relations with PM Nawaz and former president Asif Ali Zardari
DIG Zafar Abbas file photo. The high ranking officer claims no one can touch him because of his strong relations with PM Nawaz and former president Asif Ali Zardari

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The country’’s corruption watchdog is probing into serious corruption allegations against a high rank Karachi police official, who claims to enjoy close relations with both incumbent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former President Asif Ali Zardari, highly credible sources said.
Sources said the corruption allegations against DIG Zafar Abbas Bukhari have been leveled by a Karachi range PC Muhammad Sufiyan who also claims Bukhari was leading the corrupt chain, comprised of corrupt police officers, minting billions of rupees from the lawless metropolis.

DIG Zafar Abbas Bukhari, who had been DIG establishment with additional charge of DIG Crime Investigation Department, was relieved of these posts just four days ago. Sources said a probable NAB inquiry is the major cause of relieving him of the vital responsibilities in police force.

“The Sindh Police is stinking because of corruption sponsored and patronized by group of senior officers led by Zafar Bukhari, who has organized big network of bribe collection, by employing private men and police men who collect Bhatta from drug peddlers, gambling dens and prostitutes” stated a letter to NAB Islamabad and NAB Sindh which has become a base for the probe, sources said.

According to sources Bukhari, who belonged to very poor family prior his joining police services, has become billionaire with properties in Dubai, UK and across the country. “He has amassed wealth beyond proportion and comprehension” said a police official, adding the departments like accounts Branch, Finance Branch and License Branch, managed by Bukhari proved ‘milk given buffalo’ for the official.

Bukhari is being alleged of collecting monthly beat from more than six positions amounting to several crore rupees per month. He is also accused of maintaining bank accounts in foreign countries in UK, UAE and Switzerland. Bukhari is transferring money through Hawala System to his family who has been living in Dubai and UK, said sources.

“He has got several businesses in Dubai which are being looked after by his wife and the businesses include super market and parlor with the name of Mahrose with 7 branches in Dubai and other countries” stated the letter submitted with NAB Islamabad headquarters and Karachi’s regional office, further informing Bukhari has also bought a huge flat at River Bridge in London at the cost of 2.1 million UK pounds.

Bukhari is also being alleged of making investment to acquire running businesses in London and its surrounding areas for which, according to sources, he has assigned this task to a real estate agent named “right-move” based in London.

In Karachi, Mr. Bukhari is real estate investor with builders and is owner of 17 plots out of which 3 are very costly in the commercial area of DHA. “He has opened livestock farms in cattle colony in the jurisdiction of Police Station Sukhan, where all the transport of police and CID Department can be seen parked bringing food for buffaloes and taking away milk to the market”.

He is also being alleged of using police resources for the milk business, which include the human resource, recruited and trained for fighting terrorists.

The cattle farm, he owns, is spread over 10 acres, which is one of the several pieces of land which Zafar encroached and acquired when he was DIG East Karachi, claimed a police officer while demanding complete anonymity. “Presently there are 1138 buffaloes generating milk of millions of rupees per day, he added.

To include Bukhari’s version in the story several contacts were made but his number was unreachable.

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Pakistani’s sectarian militancy goes beyond border, Reaches Iraq


Naimat Khan

KARACHI: As Pakistan is witnessing a surge in sectarian violence, reports claim a neighboring country is found actively involved in fueling sectarianism by brainwashing thousand of poor Pakistani Shia students studying in Iraq.

Highly credible sources said over two thousands Pakistani students belonging to Shia sect of Muslims are studying in different seminaries in Najaf city of Iraq and the number is likely to increase manifold if the trend goes unchecked. Sources said that not only the neighboring country is brainwashing the students against Sunnis but it is also recruiting potential agents among them.

The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), Islamabad dispatched a letter to Secretary Capital Administration, Islamabad, Secretaries religious affairs and foreign affairs, chairman HEC, home secretaries Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan, all provincial, capital police chiefs and IGP of AJ &K and Gilgit Baltistan on 13th of the last month, apprising them of off-putting development, which, the authority believes, will further split the religiously at odds Pakistani society.

“Over 2000 Pakistani Shia students are studying in Madaris of Najaf, Iraq, whose studies comprise 4-12 years”. Normally from Pakistan, the students go to Iraq on visit and Ziarat visas and then acquire admission in the Iraqi universities and Madaris, the report tells about the growing trend.

According to report, important of these Madaris, which are offering poor Pakistanis religious education with attractive financial packages, are Hawza Ilmiya Najaf Ashraf, headed by Ali al-Sistani and Hawza Ilmiyya Najaf headed by Ayatollah hafiz Bashir Hussain Najfi who is a Pakistani national.

According to reports another Madrassah at Najaf named Hawza Ilmiya Jamia-tul-Muntazar Najaf Ashraf is under construction which is being established by Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi who is Mohtamim Ala Jamia Tu-Muntazar Lahore in Pakistan.

Officials in the authority say as heads of these Madaris, collectively called as Hawza-i-Ilmiya, Najaf Ashraf, are spiritually regarded very high by Shia all over the world and also acknowledged by Iraqi government they have the power to issue Iqama (resident permit) to any student.

Pakistani students mainly belong to poor family of Gilgit-Baltistan, KPK, Southern Punjab and Hazara Community (Balochistan) stated the report, adding instead of living jobless in Pakistan, they prefer to go for study in Iraq with families due to attractive financial packages starting from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 for them and family members, respectively.

“Iraqi/Iranian missions in Pakistan are actively attracting Shia student desirous of studding in their countries”. Besides promoting Shiite school of thought, the Iranian intelligence agencies of a neighboring country are also carrying out recruitments of potential agents, report claimed.

Moreover UNICEF and some INGOs in collaboration with Iraqi Government are also executing number of education projects/Madaris in Iraq, where local/foreign students of a sect are receiving religious education”, well informed sources said.
During their stay in Iraq, students are brainwashed and motivated against Sunnis on sectarian lines and against Pakistani government for alleged killing of Shiite in Pakistan said the report, adding the number of such Pakistani students is likely to increase further if this practice continues unchecked.

The authority has urged upon the government of Pakistan to evolve a joint mechanism with Iraqi Government for streamlining of selection of students, their visa, study period and stay in Iraq.

The national counter terrorism authority has also suggested that in order to maintain a databank of all such students, issuance of NOC by ministry of education and Higher Education Commission (HEC) for all types of religious education abroad should be made mandatory.

It has also been advised to federal ministry of foreign affairs to register students with Pakistani mission in respective countries for maintaining record of their stay and movement.

The authority believes that if Pakistani embassy in Iraq identifies and recommends the Madaris in Iraq which are considered suitable for religious education for Pakistani students, this will be of great help in controlling the growing menace of sectarianism which proves detrimental for Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan is also being advised to establish a Madaris Welfare Authority under ministry of interior to regularize religious studies abroad. The authority also wants Shia Wifaq-ul-Madaris to be taken on board to devise a mechanism under which only their certified students are offered admission in foreign Madaris (Jamias)/Universities.

The last point in advisory of the authority is the sharing of list of selected students, teachers and staff with intelligence agencies for vetting and security clearance from sectarian point of view.

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Serious security lapse at Guddu endangers lives of Chinese

Naimat Khan


KARACHI: A large-scale security lapse at Guddu Thermal Power Plant in Sukkar has posed a serious threat to the lives of Chinese engineers and other staff, it was reliably learnt on Monday.

Highly credible sources told this scribe that despite being pointed out a serious security lapse by Pakistan Rangers Sindh, no special security measures have been taken yet to save the lives of Chinese Engineers, who had been kidnapped from various projects across Pakistan in the past.

Two Chinese engineers working at the Gomal Zam Dam were kidnapped along with their driver and bodyguard in South Waziristan in 2004.

Guddu Power Plant, which was initially adding 1655 MW to national grade was upgraded and inaugurated by Prime Minister on 21 April this year who had commissioned an additional power units at the Plant, which increased the production from 1655 MW to 2402.

However, despite great significance for Pakistan to fix the country’s serious power crisis, the project has provided no ample security and the security lapse pointed out by the paramilitary force may endanger the precious lives of local and Chinese if not being fixed.

Sources said the sensing threat to their lives due to severe security lapse at the project, the Rangers wrote on 19 July 2014 a warning letter to the management of CPGCL, TPS, Guddu to tighten the security measures for safeguarding the lives of foreigners.

Though in its reply to Rangers through In-Charge Foreigners Security Cell, Home Department Government of Sindh Karachi on 18 August 2014 the Central Power Generation Company Limited has claimed to have taken various measures the company still admits the security must be tightened.

According to sources the Pakistan Rangers vide their letter No 0095/GS (Ops)/2003 dated 19 July 2014 had pointed out the lapse in the security of Chinese Nationals at thermal power station Guddu.

According to the documents, a copy of which is exclusively available with this scribe, the vehicles and persons entering and leaving the power station are not being checked. The Rangers has pointed out that a number of outsiders are residing in the colony of power station, the fact which Rukhsar Ahmed Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer, CPGCL, TPS, Guddu has accepted in his reply to the Sindh Rangers. According to Qureshi there are lots of hurdles in this regards but claims the eviction operation is in progress.

According to Rangers the administration has no record of residents of colony of power station, bio data of residents residing near Chinese personnel has not been collected and details of shop owners in the residential area are not available at the administration.

In addition to that the food stuff supplied to Chinese nationals is not being checked properly. The heights of boundary wall of power station near Abdullah Bhatti village is another problem area in term of the security issue as to the law enforcers it is less than standards height and is being broken at some points whereas search lights have also not been installed on boundary walls. According to Management CPGCL, TPS, Guddu, the work on it is yet to be started however the work order has been issued.

According to sources the details of residents of village Abdullah Bhatti has not been collected whereas aged security guards are being deployed at three watch towers and the remaining 12 are not manned round the clock.

The command and control room is also not being setup to respond security threats, the letter stated. It has also been pointed out that no record of visitors is being maintained at entry and exist points while the entry passes are not issued to workers and visitors. Despite being a sensitive area, the CCTV Cameras are not installed in the facility where locals as well as Chinese nationals are working to produce power for the country.

If it was not enough, no explosive detectors are available while the scanners are also not available and walk through gates too not installed, the paramilitary force of the province points out.

Persons relating to Missing containers case seeks security due to life threats

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Though the issue of 10,000 missing containers of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is yet to reach a logical conclusion, some of the important persons relating to the unique yet dangerous case are receiving life threats, it was reliably learnt here on Thursday.

Sources told this scribe that one of such person relating to the case, which also attracted attentions of the country’s apex court, has sought the government security, citing reasons of serious security threats to his life.

Hussain Islam, who is a senior official in the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), on 4th of the last month wrote a letter to Sindh home secretary for the “provision of security due threat to his life and property”, sources said.

Highly credible sources in the home department told that the official of KPT, who according to the letter is of vice chairman rank, has cited threats to his life due to his role in the famous NATO container case, which made headlines for months. He, however, did not disclose if Islam was accused or he had played any role in unveiling the corruption which made the security of the whole country in danger.

When his request for security went unattended, he again wrote a letter on 22nd August 2014 with same subject, requesting home secretary that his provision must be considered immediately due to threats, he is receiving.

Since all high rank officers are provided normal security, Islam might also be enjoying the same, told a source, adding his request for security from home department indicate at threats of bigger nature.

To get official version of KPT regarding Hussain Islam security, several attempts were made on both contact number of KPT spokesman but he did not respond.

It is pertinent to mention here that the former federal Minister for Port and Shipping from Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Babar Khan Ghauri was alleged for steeling the arms and ammunition from the NATO containers which was letter used in Karachi.

The MQM senator not only strongly rejected the allegations, leveled by DG Rangers in the apex court’s Karachi registry in a hearing of the Karachi unrest case but he was cleared of the serious charges by one-man Ramzan Bhatti commission, setup by the top court.

The Supreme Court, besides setting up the commission, had also ordered NAB to carryout investigations, which is yet to prove allegations against customs agents.