ANP faces threats in Karachi; Taliban compel ANP workers to Change loyalty, force closure of offices



Naimat Khan(Afkar Affairs Exclusive)


KARACHI: Terming the unabated attacks on the houses and trade centers of Awami National Party’s (ANP) workers and party offices in the metropolis a very dismal state of affairs, the ANP Sindh has alleged certain political forces were doing the job in the name of an outlaw organization.

A statement issued here from Bacha Khan Markaz, Karachi on Friday further said the activists of outlaw organization were threatening ANP workers and leaders to leave their party and join a pro-terrorist party in the city.

The spokesman who did not name the political party and outlaw organization that was forcing the closure of party offices in the metropolis said “in some areas the persons claiming to be the activists of an outlaw organization are giving serious threats to the party leaders and workers, advising them to change their political loyalties”.

An ANP leader, however, on the condition of anonymity told The Frontier Post that by outlaw organization the party meant Taliban who were forcing the party to close its political business in the city.

It is pertinent to mention that several ANP leaders and workers including its Sindh General Secretary, Bashir Jan had been attacked by Taliban in the recent past. Mr. Jan has escaped two assassination attempts by the militant organization.

The party statement has, however, mentioned the most recent attack only. It says the party’s local leader Madeen Shah Afridi was attacked in Ittehad Town of Karachi twice during the last couple of days.

“Either the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are helpless or the terrorists are being patronized by very powerful forces” the spokesperson said who showed serious concerns over the closure of dozens of ANP offices “in the era of independent judiciary, free media and a democratically elected government”.

“It is very strange that for the first time in the country’s history the political workers are threatened to leave their party” he said, adding that if it was not enough they are also asked to join the parties supporting the militant organization.

“Why are we only being targeted?” asked the spokesperson, saying despite repeatedly reporting the incidents to police and officials of other law enforcement agencies and lodging complaints and  FIRs, the terrorists were freely roaming on the streets of the city.

The ANP spokesperson alleged that the hidden forces were considering ANP a threat to their evil designs. “The unabated attacks on our offices and leader do not seem to be stopped anywhere” he said, saying the threats couldn’t undermine the determination of its worker to fight for the rights of Pashtuns rather such acts give them further boasts.


Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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