Lives of 1000 students under threat

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Extortionists pose a significant threat, this time, to the lives of some 1,000 students and teaching staff at a charity institution in Surjani area of the city, showing the total failure of the government to uproot the menace of lawlessness.

The menace of extortion continues to plague the country’s financial hub with street and coordinated target killings, which after triggering panic amongst the traders and business community, now creates discontentment at welfare academia in the metropolis.


Amid tall claims by the government on peace efforts, its key law enforcing departments including Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and the Sindh Police Forensics Division have failed to clamp down on anti-social elements.

The national exchequer feeds the government’s law enforcers with huge funds annually with a primary view to ensure peace and economic stability in all provinces, but the Sindh government is more willing to shrug off the citizens’ protection responsibility. The citizens however will continue to pay taxes so that the government’s luxuries could not disrupt.

Wahid Ali Rehmani had been running a charitable school, a religious seminary and a hospital which are established inside a single compound for the last 18 years.

Everything was smooth but suddenly calls of “unidentified” persons shocked him as they demanded rupees one million as extortion money. He felt it the last day to end his nearly two decades of peace.

Rehmani unlike other million of citizens in the city pinned hopes on law enforcing institutions which apparently are harnessed with technology and on upper social stratum because of his relationship with them to get rid of his unwanted problem.

Renowned playwright, Fatima Surayya Bajia stepped up to call chief of CPLC, Ahmed Chinoy for helping Rehmani. Immediately, he approached the CPLC in a bid to trace the extortionists and bring them to justice. But, the CPLC unexpectedly disappointed him.

The ordeal spurs his problems to escalate. The law enforcers deactivated the extortionists’ cellular numbers. But, the effort did not end the problem. The outlaws now began calling him from new cell numbers but their demand was still the old one.

On his revisit to the CPLC, an official told him that they only can do this. Rehmani finally found his expectations to die. There may be any reasons which made the culprits to remain beyond the law enforcers’ grip after a passage of 75 days.

When The Frontier Post contacted, the chief of the CLPC strongly denied the claims of Rehmani, saying his organization was not working to resolve the problems of complainants. He added “the phone numbers are closed after getting all necessary information”.

Chinoy said the LEAs with the help of CPLC had apprehended many extortionists, adding that there were three possible ways of action, which could not be made public for fears that outlaws would be alerted.

The Sindh Police Forensics Division in Garden area refused to extend him any help citing the reason that the CPLC has deactivated the cell numbers of criminals permanently.

“I then went to Sindh Police Forensics Division but was told that since the numbers are closed, the criminals can’t be arrested”. The Digital Forensics Science Laboratory at the Sindh Police Forensics Division has recently obtained two devices, the CellXtract-TNT and the UFED Touch Ultimate.

During the last 75 days, Rehmani’s troubles have not been reduced. The extortionists resorted to aerial firing on Nov 16 to press their threats and warned him of the dire consequences. The threats also left his students scared.

Last month, Rehmani received bullets of AK-45 with a clear warning which read as “this is the last warning, if you did not give us extortion money, the students and administration of school shall prepare for bearing dangerous consequences”.

Rehmani who lodged complaints with Mangopir Police Station and CPLC has now appealed to the Sindh Governor, Federal Minister Interior, Home Secretary, DG Rangers, IGP Sindh Police and CPLC Chief to protect lives of a thousand of students and teachers through a stern action against the extortionists.

Published  on December 20, 2012



Author: Naimat

Karachi based journalist, writing on national and international issues.

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